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With a variety of services available Colquhoun PC Repair has the solution for you, listed below are some of the services available with a short description of each.

To view the description, please click on the service you wish to know more about.

  • Laptop Screen Fixes
  • Are you starting to notice lines across your laptop screen? Are images starting to flicker? Or is some of the display missing? Your laptop screen is most likely the problem, we can fix or replace the screen for and return your laptop back to how it was before these issues occured, all we require is the make and model which we can obtain at a time that is suitable for you. For more please visit the contact section.

  • Virus Removal
  • Is your computer running slow? Not behaving properly? Chances are you have been infected by a virus or malware. Reformating (delete everything and starting again) is not always the solution. The majority of the time the virus(es) can be removed without any data loss.

  • Hardware Installation
  • Looking to upgrade your computer without buying a new computer, a simple hardware upgrade may be all you need. Whether it's installing more RAM, adding an additional hard-drive for extra storage or installing a new graphics card to play the latest games; whatever you want to add to improve your computer performance we are here to help.

  • PC Health Check
  • Over time your computers performance starts to suffer due to a number of factors. Our health check service will help keep using your computer a pleasant experience using tried and tested techniques.

  • Tuition
  • Do you struggle to use your computer? Or just need a refresher? Whatever level of experience you have are able to help. The most common topics are email and internet and Microsoft Office. Available by appointment.

  • Networking
  • Whether you need to install a new router, add computers to your current network, share files and programs across a network, business or home users; whatever your network issues we can help.

  • Custom Built PCs
  • Is your computer getting old? Looking to replace it? We can help by building a computer that meets your needs. From internet and email usage to high end gaming we can build a computer for all budgets and uses.

  • Data Backup / Recovery
  • Data is the most valuable aspect of a computer for the vast majority of people. When something goes wrong with the hard-drive there is a danger of losing this data. This is where backing up your data is advisable. Whether the backup is to disc, an online server or external hard-drives the more places the better. We can set the options up for you to be on an automated schedule or do the backups manually which will give you peace of mind should a problem arise.

  • Windows / Mac
  • Whether you use a PC running Microsoft Windows or an Apple Mac we are able to provide assistance.

All these service and many more are available at Colquhoun PC Repair. For more information or to book and appointment please visit the contact section.